Announcing: Now What Blog

Thank you for your interest in the book Now What?  A Practical Guide to Figuring Out Your Financial Future.

I will be using the website to introduce the “Now What Blog.”  My intention is to provide content that is both interesting enough and informative enough that you want to read each one.  That is a big ask.  I know time is limited for all of us and to think that I will hit the mark every time is probably not very realistic.  At the same time, I believe in serendipity and the idea that once in a while things come together at just the right time.  The information that you or a friend may need will appear in this format.

If you read the book, you know making that one connection is enough for me.  I don’t need to change the world; I just need to change the world for one person.

I remember exactly where my 18-year-old self was and what I was feeling the afternoon that my father shared with me the magic of compound interest.  That changed the world for me and set me on the path that I have been on ever since.  I just couldn’t believe my eyes at how the numbers grew and being a math nerd, I tested them out for myself.  Remember, this is the time before smart phones and apps where my only tools were a pencil, a piece of paper and an old-fashioned calculator.

Of course, in this blog we will explore the practical things we encounter in everyday life as it relates to finance.  In addition, I will occasionally give you a peek inside my mind and my ruminations about life and well-being.  I will ask your forgiveness and indulgence in advance as my ruminations often take a meandering path.

I deeply want to connect with you and answer the questions that are most important to you.  So in that spirit, if you have a topic that you would like me to cover in this blog, feel free to let me know via the email on the site.  If I happen to hit the mark occasionally, feel free to forward the blog to a friend or share it where you share stuff.

Thank you again for your interest in financial well-being.  I hope you find value in this new format.